Monday, February 22, 2010

Healing Child Parts in Bulimia

Today's blog consists of an excerpt from one chapter of my book. It illustrates that working in the inner world is about healing the parts in pain, and not just focusing upon the therapy's primary issue--which in this case was decades of bulimia.

In the therapy room Maria found herself in communication with a two-year-old, also named Cecelia. For Cecelia 2 the earliest memory was of raising her hands to her mother to be picked up, and feeling rejected when her mother refused her. In another early memory she remembered going out to play in a neighborhood with lots of other children. Someone was carrying a baby and young Cecelia remembered wanting to bite the baby. In yet another memory involving anger with other young children, Cecelia wanted to hurt a little girl with curly hair. She ran to where the girl was sitting, pulled her hair, and then ran home.

Before we ended the session we unburdened Cecelia Two of the memory of wanting to bite the baby being carried by its mother. The memory did not immediately give up its energy to a bubble bath intervention. Maria observed that there was a lot of energy in the memory picture of the baby getting what she herself wanted from her own mother. Her sense of rejection was quite disturbing. She was envious of the baby and envious as well of the other children who were playing joyfully with each other. They seemed to be feeling the comfort of acceptance that she so badly wanted to feel. Once she had expressed her hurt, a second effort of unburdening the memory through a bubble bath was successful in reducing the SUD level to zero.

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